Hot stamping foil

DURA offers a wide range of hot stamping foils for diversified applications.

We provide foil solutions for variety of substrates and machines to match foiling definition and end user’s quality and price requirements. Nearly 100 different shades of metallic, holographic and pigment foils are available in stock with very short lead-time for delivery.

Customization of foils is an added advantage with us to suit modern machines and mass production. Our range of foils can stamp on diversified substrates like paper, plastic, book binding materials and glass.

Lamination Film

Cold Lamination BOPP

Both sides treated and biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) with low haze, excellent gloss and machinability.

Suitable for lamination of book cover, brochures, cosmetic and pharmaceutical boxes and paper bags.

Surface characteristics are suitable for post lamination processes like spot UV, foiling, embossing and pasting. Gloss film is available in 12 micron and Matt 15 micron. Customized sizes are available on request.

Thermal Lamination Film

We have a complete solution for customer’s need for thermal lamination films for print lamination of commercial and packaging jobs.

The extrusion coated, both sides treated OPP and PET thermal films are suitable for low temperature lamination and post-lamination finishing processes. We have following variants of thermal lamination films.

  • BOPP Gloss and Matt thermal lamination film
  • PET Thermal lamination film
  • Ultra Gloss Lamination Film
  • High Gloss film for menu lamination
  • SOFT TOUCH- Smudge resistant
  • ANTI-SCRATCH Pro-Shield Matte
  • ANTI-SCRATCH- Silky Matte
  • SOFT TOUCH- Prestige
  • SILKY Matte
  • SANDY Matte
  • Black soft-touch film
  • Linen effect
  • Metallised silver
  • Metallised gold

Metallised Films

We offer Polyester based metallised film with enhanced surface properties to suit excellent UV offset and flexo printability.

The film offers very good rub resistance and machinability. It is available in silver, gold, matt gold, matt silver and a variety of holographic designs. Customized designs are available on request.

These films demonstrate high barrier against oxygen and water vapour and find extensive use in manufacturing packaging material for products that require extended shelf life. We maintain stock of different widths and thickness to suit wide range of applications as per customer requirement.

Metallised Board

Our metallised paper laminated with high performance PET metallised film suitable for UV printing offers flat sheets with stable printing quality.

It offers excellent ink adhesion and rub resistance and suitable for UV metallised printing of cosmetics, perfumery, confectionary and pharmaceutical boxes.

Metallised board is available in silver, matt silver, gold, matt gold and holographic patterns. Customized designs are available on demand.

EVA Foam

High density EVA foam for luxury packaging, hard case boxes for perfumery and cosmetics. Available in different colours, thickness and finish.

EVA foam is a rigid-soft material that can be customized to desired shapes and offers luxury appearance, stable quality and product protection. We have wide range of EVA sheets available in stock in different colours, sizes and thickness. The potential uses for this foam are many. While EVA is used widely in luxury packaging, toys, consumer durables, it can also be used as a sound proofing material due to its characteristics for sound absorption.

Window Patching Film

Our customized films are suitable for window patching of envelops, tissue boxes, gift boxes, confectionery, perfumery and cosmetics packaging.

We not only offer fast turnaround time and exceptional customer service, we do so whilst meeting the highest possible industry standards. The film used is rigid, transparent and certified for food contact, which makes the product suitable for a wide range of packaging application.

Laser die making plywood

One side UV coated plywood with flat surface and good machinability available in different thicknesses for laser die making.

Our laser cutting plywood has properties of improved flatness, strength, durability and light weight. Customized sizes, thickness tolerances and thickness variance can be considered for the production of special plywood for laser cutting.

Zinc Photoengraving plates

The microcrystalline zinc photoengraving plate is with the photosensitive emulsion for chemical etching.

High quality zinc photoengraving plates are available in 1.5 and 3 mm thickness.

With its excellent oxidation resistance and cost effectiveness, photoengraving zinc plate is ideal for plaques, awards, intaglio, letterpress and is used for hot stamping, embossing and thermal dies.