Digital Lamination Films

These films are specially designed for optimal adhesion to substrates which are printed using digital technology and digital inks.

The film is coated with a low melting point adhesive, which enables the film to adhere to the paper substrate and gives strong bonding between the substrates.

Films with digital adhesives are much more suitable for complex offset jobs which require the use of a large amount of pigment or ink, where the conventional thermal films do not provide the required bonding strength.

Digital FOILS

This product is applicable for machines equipped with varnish jetting and foiling unit like SCODIX and MGI. The foil gives good 3D effect after stamping.

Suitable for fine details and solid foiling designs with anti-scratch and rub-resistance property.

Suitable for high speed stamping on various substrates.

Available in Gold, Matt gold, Silver, Matt silver, holographic and other colours